DJ To The DJs

In my first post of “DJ to the DJs”, I had the opportunity to interview the guy who gave me idea for the whole concept. I DJed Angela & Eric’s wedding in the Philippines. It was a huge honor and an amazing experience.

In their thank you speech during the reception, Angela & Eric addressed their family, guests, and vendors. Every single one of us was humbled by their gratitude, but Eric said something very special regarding the DJ (yours truly). He said, “Danny you are officially the DJ to the DJs”, and then it was born. As I began to think of it, I’ve DJed quite a few events for DJs. From weddings, nightclubs & birthdays to countless company functions and promo events, I’ve been privileged to do quite a few.

So with that in mind, I will beĀ  posting interviews of some fellow DJs, Producers, Celebs, & more. I’m eternally grateful to have these people share their stories and experiences with working with me. I am also thankful that you will have the opportunity to witness an honorable label with me, as the “DJ to the DJs”.

Thank you,




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