Danny Estrella Feb Podcast – The Challenge

Here’s a Mix I did at my Monday night NYC residency at Beauty And Essex. There’s your humble DJ and your “I’m a superstar” DJ.  I always welcome requests no matter what zone I’m in. If I think I’m good enough to make the room dance, then I should be able to include your favorite song in there somewhere.

So 1 of the guys who handled security said, “Ok D, since you’re always doing the randomness, I got some songs for ya. I wanna hear Jay-Z, Big Daddy Kane, Pink Floyd aaaaaannd…….Beethoven!”

I was stumped for about a minute. Then realized, as other DJs do, I play it already! It’s just a matter of rearranging my set a bit. It was 1 of the best nights we had. Luckily, I was recording the set. Then…..Boom, “The Challenge” was the best fit.


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